REFOLDdb composed of two kinds of data:

1) Data converted from REFOLD database that had been created and updated until 2009 by Monash University in Australia.
2) Data retrieved from articles on refold technologies published since 2009.

How to use

0. Return to the top page anytime by clicking the “REFOLD” logo at the top-left.

1. Explanation of the horizontal menu

About : to learn about REFOLDdb and REFOLD database.
Statistics : to see a trend of refolding technologies and to retrieve REFOLDdb records either from pie charts for bar graphs.
Blast search : to search REFOLDdb by a amino acids sequence.
Help : to understand the user interface of REFOLDdb.
Download : to download the data contents of REFOLDdb in tab-separated values (TSV) file.
REFOLD : to move to the REFOLD database developed by Monash University

2. Search

1) Overwrite "Example(s)" in light grey color and/or check boxes as many as needed. In the case of "pH" and "Temperature", lower limit and/or upper limit can be specified.
2) Click a “Search” button at one of data items for the search by the specified data item, or click the “Search” button at the bottom-right corner of the data format to perform a combined search (“AND” search of multiple data items).
3) “Search” box at the top-right corner of the Web page is for a search free from data items.

3. Result of “Search”

e.g. search of “transducer-like protein c” in the data item of “Protein Name”
1) Click “Detail” to display the full record
2) Click the URL to jump to the corresponding record in the REFOLD database(*)

Chow, MKM. et al.
“REFOLD: an analytical database of protein refolding methods.”
Protein Expr. Purif. 2006 Mar;46(1):166-71.
Chow, MK. et al.
“The REFOLD database: a tool for the optimization of protein expression and refolding.”
Nucleic Acids Res. 34(Database issue), D207-12.

4. Statistics

A pie chart by journals, and bar charts by refolding methods, pH, temperature, validation methods and published years are prepared. The graphs are clickable, e.g., click the bar of “5. High_pressure” to list REFOLDdb records relevant to high pressure technology.

5. Blast Search

Enter an amino acids sequence (AA seq) in FASTA format
1)List of proteins “similar” to the query in AA sequences
2) Display the alignment of the query and hit sequences

6. Download REFOLDdb

Open popup window : Click the "Download" and/or the text in the horizontal menu. Close popup window : Click the "Close" text or outside of popup window.

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