VaProS, VAriation effect on PROtein Structure and function, is a new data cloud for Structural Life Science and is the core technology to lead the collaboration between the discipline in Structural Biology and the whole Life Sciences. Led by the initiative of National Institute of Genetics, VaProS has been developed around the Integrated Structural Biology Database at Institute for Protein Research in Osaka University, together with the selected outcomes from Protein 3000 Project, Targeted Proteins Research Program, Genome Network Project and Cell Innovation Project. Newly developed data from the sub-organization of this project, namely Tohoku University, Ochanomizu University and University of Tokyo, will be further integrated into VaProS.
VaProS, the structural life science data cloud, integrates information in structural biology with genome, transcriptome, interactome and other information and provides seamless environment to scientists for analyzing these different types of information derived from different databases.
The developers of VaProS aim to establish a core technology for drug discovery and other related fields in this country by providing a bird's-eye view of the whole data that assists a hypothesis (model) building process and by providing information manipulation environment that enables problem solving toward drug discovery and other related fields. VaProS is going to realize the aims above by integrating and disseminating the outcomes of the national projects in the related fields in the past to both structural biology and the whole life science discipline of not only academia, but industrial world as well.

The Project outline

The project titled "Platform for Drug Discovery, Informatics, and Structural Life Science" inherits the outcomes of the previous projects in structural biology, consolidates the technology and promotes sharing those core technologies for drug discovery and related life sciences. Through these activities, the project aims to realize a revolutionary process connecting drug and medical seeds to pharmaceutical products.
For this purpose, the project is proceeded in the following three centers; (1) Analysis Center, (2) Regulation Center, and (3) Information Center. Analysis Center consists of Analysis Domain, Production Domain, Bioinformatics Domain and Functional Genomics Domain. Regulation Center consists of Library-Screening Domain and Synthesis Domain. Information Center consists of Information Domain. VaProS, the data cloud has been developed by the Information Domain of the Information Center.

Information Center / Information Domain

The Information Center / Information Domain manages and operates the databases and software developed in Protein 3000 Project, Targeted Protein Research Program and this project. The center / domain takes all the effort for the update and improvement of those databases and software. Through these efforts, the center/domain supports the research in Analysis and Regulation Centers as well as other groups by providing necessary information and by disseminating research results.
While structural biology uptake genomic information and gene expression information and genetic Bioinformatics other fields such as a network, so that you can use without being aware of the differences in usage patterns of a wide variety of databases.

For citation

The following description is recommended for the citation in the work that makes use of this website. "This research (in part) used VaProS, a data-cloud developed by the Information Core of the Platform Project for Supporting Drug Discovery and Life Science Research (Platform for Drug Discovery, Informatics, and Structural Life Science) from Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED)." For the acknowledgement in an oral presentation, please use (and modify if necessary) the slide in this PowerPoint file.